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Which is better print or canvas?

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Which is better print or canvas?
The place of choice always comes to play in the consideration of service delivery, and just like every business has a basis of comparison, the place of digital production for art decorations and aesthetics enjoys the same energy. 

For the lovers of art, or those with favourite words or inspiration they intend to share with their possible audience, or even general information dissemination, the option always weighs majorly on two unique processes display which is either Print/Poster or the Canvas. 

While we understand that a few people may still have it cloudy in differentiating these unique pieces, today’s article will afford you more clarity as we compare both Print and Canvas going by three metrics, the Cost of purchase, how durable and of course Aesthetics. 

What is Canvas? 
Canvas is used for a variety of things, but for the sake of today's discussion, the canvas is a highly durable plain-woven fabric produced from hemp, flax, or a similar yarn that is used for oil painting. 

If the canvas is recognized for anything, it is its durability, sturdiness, and heavy-duty nature. Canvas may be made water-resistant or even waterproof by combining cotton and synthetic fibres, making it an excellent outdoor material for a good painting. 

Why Canvas is important in painting? 
One of the best things about canvas printing is that it can be used to print almost any sort of photo and more importantly have a wow effect on its audience. While some photo art items have distinguishing features that limit the sort of photo that may be printed on them, like the sight of brushed aluminium appearing when there are low saturation regions in a photo. Canvas prints, in their uniqueness, make virtually every photo seem its best, except for photographs with extremely few individuals or if the original image was badly shot. 

What is Print? 
Prints are also regarded as Poster and have stayed the test of time with us since it is the deployment/transfer of a text/image into a paper that finds major use in passing information, an exhibition of art, images, and a lot more. In recent years, prints can be solely generated from your convenient space with the use of a good printer or less, depending on the display output intended. 

Prints/Posters could be basic and have not much of a thrill, depending on the type of ink used [since a poorly used ink type ripples to a poor output], the type of printer used, and the perfect choice of paper for use. 

Why Print/Poster is important in painting? 
Lovers of art can seek solace in the choice of Print/Poster painting considering that it is way affordable, therefore one of the reasons it is sighted in almost every home. 

Its production period is relatively faster than what you could imagine; all that is required is a printer and the choice of paper. Print painting has stayed the test of time in acceptance and has found a common place for brightening up spaces, either as a text, image, or painting. 

Which is better, Print or Canvas? 
Perhaps the word better in the place of choice is relative, however, we shall make compare the two items from 3 important metrics, which are: Durability, Cost, and Aesthetics. 

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1. Durability. 
Canvas prints have more colour richness than posters. So, even if your poster has rich, vibrant colours while it's fresh, those hues will deteriorate with time - even if your poster isn't exposed to sunlight. 

It is fair to remind you that the inks used for the vast majority of posters printed possess a low level of Ultra Violet [UV] protection. This simply means that if your print isn't protected from the sun's rays, fading and yellowing are set to happen after a while. 

And, to be honest, not every poster lasts long enough for the colours to fade. A poster, no matter how well-made, is still simply a piece of paper that could crumble and rip off. 

2. Cost. 
Posters may be made and disseminated at rock-bottom rates due to their thin paper basis, at least compared to the Canvas which is more expensive since it serves for the long hold of durability.  

If you are seeking something way affordable, your choice will be that of Print/Poster, since all that is required is your choice of paper and the availability of your printer. 

3. Aesthetics. 
If there is one element of print quality where posters fall short, it is colour intensity. Because the thin paper prevents ink saturation, which is required for high-quality picture reproduction, the colours lack depth and shine. Canvas, on the other hand, has long been valued for its superior colour absorption. Canvas picture prints acquire stunning colour intensity because the fabric material can absorb a lot more ink than the wood fibres of a poster. 

Canvas is a matte format by definition - the richly textured fabric surface eliminates glare, allowing you to appreciate the sharp detail of your photo print from any angle without distortion. 

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