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What type of canvas is best for printing?

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What type of canvas is best for printing?
Food lovers like myself can tell that one could provide the same foodstuff and ingredient in the same measurement and brand to a couple of people to make a dish, the riddle is always that the meals would always turn out differently. This has nothing to do with if they are bad cooks or otherwise, however, the place of creativity in the kitchen is best known to the individuals. 

While the taste of the meals might differ according to the uniqueness of every Chef, some vitals would always be checked, which is the same with understanding and identifying the best type of Canvas for printing. 

Today’s topic would afford us a depth of understanding on the choice of selection when it comes to printing on a Canvas. 

What type of Canvas is best for printing? 
Cotton Canvas has overly been considered best for canvas printing.  

The mode of operation has shifted with the advent of new technology. It's amazing to note that Canvas prints were once created using offset printing, which dates back to the 1800s. However, the introduction of the HP Design jet z6100 [I hope I get paid for this Ad] and the use of “Latex inks” has significantly improved printing quality. The two stated above are often utilized to provide consumers with museum-quality canvas prints, some high standard in all cadre. 

Your photos will be shown with clear clarity and vibrant colours on the unique cotton Canvas blend, compared to others. 

Do you have an image you intend to print on Canvas, OBL Prints Dubai provides the capacity to make your image come alive in the size of your choice.  

What inks are used for Canvas Printing? 
If you seek that professional feel of delivery when it comes to painting on a Canvas, the choice of ink is as good as the painting itself, therefore settle for nothing less than Solvent inks or perhaps Aqueous. 

While aqueous inks are less costly, maybe the reason why they are duller and have a shorter lifespan. For printing pictures on canvas, solvent inks are preferable, a good choice if you ask me. 

The unique cotton canvas blend absorbs the solvent inks, resulting in a long-lasting and vivid print. Rather than resting on top of the canvas, the ink is distributed within the fibres of the cotton canvas blend. 

When solvent inks are mixed with bespoke cotton blended canvas, the result is a stunning and long-lasting canvas print to provide a wonderful trip down memory lane. 

How to care for your Canvas. 
First of all, it is good to ensure that in the cause of creating a wonderful art piece of wonder, you ensure you do not harm yourself with chemicals. 

Take, for instance, you may need to further ensure that inks used are VOC-free [Volatile Organic Compound] and contribute to the reduction of emissions in your area. 

When your cotton canvas print is finished, you should take care of it. A well-cared-for canvas print can survive for years and maybe passed down through generations, provided the following have adhered: 

1. Hang or stand your print upright and don't place anything on top of it. 
2. Hanging outside or in direct sunlight should be avoided. 
3. Keep your Canvas away from water, to avoid deformation. 
4. Dust your canvas prints gently with a soft cloth, preferably a linen cloth for the same purpose. 

How best to enjoy a Canvas Print. 
The glory of a Ship is to sail, and not to just be at the harbour, right? Well, beautifully done Canvas prints can find major use than the glory of being painted on. 

1. Canvas prints can be showcased for exhibitions. 
While this might interest the artists more, your artwork printed on canvas and displayed at exhibitions will earn more attention and admiration. 

2. Ambiance and Décor. 
Canvas prints are often used to adorn homes and workplaces by owners and interior designers alike. This covers both custom paintings or images, down to stock canvases. 
For more interesting pointers on how to treat your Canvas, where to print your Canvas in Dubai, best Canvas for Printing, Cotton Canvas, and outdoor printing, trust OBL Print Dubai, a reputable name in Digital Printing. 

  Nov 27, 2021       by Oluwafemi Smith       447 Views

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