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What is the Difference Between Frustration-Free Packaging and Standard Packaging?

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What is the Difference Between Frustration-Free Packaging and Standard Packaging?

Has it ever happened to you that you went to buy a pair of scissor cause and after buying it you saw that it needs to be cut by a scissor itself?

 Or when you are super excited about a parcel only to spend fifteen minutes opening it which had ruined all the excitement that you had about opening it. It is not our fault thou.

n this age of the internet, where all the information is at our fingertips. We are so used to things being efficient and easy to use that we are easily frustrated when things don’t go our way.

Feeling frustrated when things don't go our way is a human nature thing. But that does not mean that we will avoid all the things that lead us to feel frustrated.


There are many instances in life when we have been frustrated by little or not-so-little things. That is something that everyone understands.

 But people tend to avoid getting into such situations. So it won’t be surprising to see that people will not buy a product from the same company they were struggling to open up.

 Not just it ruins the whole excitement of unboxing the parcel but also it affected the brand image negatively. As there is a difference between packaging things smartly and over-packaging them.


What does Frustration Free Packaging Mean?

Frustration-free packaging refers to the type of packaging that is easy to open, is made from materials that are easily recycled and will keep your product safe.

This term frustration free packaging was rooted in the need to have packages that are efficient and easy to open.

 Or when multipurpose packaging solutions are used such as Custom printed tape with a brand logo that will act as an advertising tool as well as functional like packaging tape.


What is Standard Packaging?

Standard packaging is the type of packaging that is traditionally used for packing products.

 When things are packed in such a way it is not easy to open or if things like single-use plastic or unrecyclable material are used in the packaging, we can classify it as Standard Packaging.


What are the Benefits of Standardized Packaging?

Now that we know what kind of packaging is categorised as standardised packaging. We are ready to talk about the benefits of having this type of packaging.

 We have listed the benefits of having standardized packaging:


1. Cost-Effective

When we talk about packaging cost, it is something that will go as far and as high as you want to take it. Packaging can quickly eat up your profit if you are not keeping it in check.

 The thing about standardised packaging is that it is cost-effective. The reason behind it being cost-effective is that it is devoid of fancy designs and printing. This single fact is what keeps the cost low.


2. Good for Discrete Deliveries

It is an excellent choice for the type of products that do not need tacky and eye-catching prints that will catch the attention. Many times customers do not need their parcel to be so tacky.


3. Easily Customization

For a small business and many new businesses, many times when the budget is tight. It gets difficult to get customized packaging as they tend to get pricy. But you can easily customise the standardised packaging with custom packaging tape.

A simple custom-printed tape will not only make your packaging look better but also help you to get brand awareness.


How is Frustration-Free Packaging Different?

In the above section, we have talked about what standardised packaging is and its benefits. In this section, we will talk about how frustration-free packaging is different from standardised packaging.

 The major difference with frustration-free packaging is the amount of packaging that is used to pack a product. As the name says that this packaging revolves around efficiency as well as the easy-to-use approach.

 This concept is fully utilized by Amazon. As it is one of the biggest E-commerce websites, the packaging waste that is created by Amazon is around 97.068 Million Kilograms.

 This value by no means is small. Due to this amazon is said to reduce the packaging used in its business and as a result, Frustration free packaging was introduced. 

 Here, we have listed some of the ways that make frustration-free packaging different from standard packaging:


1. Less Material used

As we have mentioned the copious amount of packaging used by the Leading eCommerce company. Frustration free packaging is the concept that was introduced to keep packaging consumption in check.

The key difference is the amount of packaging is significantly less than the traditional packaging which is a plus point. The material used by these brands is said to be recyclable and sustainable which is the need of an hour.


2. Easy to Open

As frustration-free packaging was born from the need to get efficient packaging that will end the era of packaging that is hard to open. Many times we get a parcel that has an unnecessary amount of filler material but it will not be the case with frustration-free packaging as filler packaging is not used in this packing.


On many eCommerce platforms, there is a time limit that packaging should be opened in a specific time duration. For example - On Amazon, a parcel will qualify as frustration-free packaging only if a customer can open it in 120 seconds.


3. Minimal Packaging

While many brands and companies are spending a lot of expenses on packaging and designing. It is not the case in frustration-free packaging as this revolves around using little packaging as much as possible.

 Due to its minimalistic look, this packaging tends to look high-end.


A Simple Wrap-Up

We are in the last section, where we discuss what we have talked til now. So we have begun our discussion with the statistics to show how much we need to change our packaging habits to save Earth.

 Then we talked about the two types of packaging which are standard packaging and frustration-free packaging. We discussed what these are and their basic difference.

After that, we headed to talk about the benefits of standard packaging and then we talked bout how frustration-free packaging is different from the earlier one.


That’s all for now.


Thank you for reading till the end.

  Aug 04, 2023       by Morha Michael       122 Views

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