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What is the best print for business cards?

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What is the best print for business cards?
What a great number of people fail to realize is that the Business card is a staff of your business or brand, therefore requires extra attention just like your key players in your team. 

It has been said that most people make their decision either working with your brand or otherwise just from the perception of your business card. Perhaps this is not a good enough metric to validate the potential service, but again, the world is unfair. 

So, how best could one be exempted from the large quadrant of possible business cards that would end up in the trash bin like your competitor? Today’s article will afford us more depth to the choice of print that should be considered for a business card that ups your chances of closing a deal and sending the right message. 

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What makes business cards special? 
Although the choice of paper you use isn't a printer feature alone, we won’t be hasty to disregard that it has an impact on output quality just as much as the hardware's capabilities and limits. Documents designed to improve the copying of the specific sorts of inks employed by the printer model might boost perceived sharpness and clarity of the printed result by using chemical expertise to produce matching surface characteristics.

It is therefore simple to say that printing on normal office bond paper would turn out a terrible job, especially when printing graphics. 

Types of a business card 
1. Standard business card
A standard business card provides the basic information of your brand on a small piece of paper. It saves you the awkwardness of having a good conversation with prospective clients and not ending it with an exchange of a business card. 

The standard business card is usually in cream or white color, with a 3.5 x 2 inches in size and often time has no gloss or extra effect. 

2. Premium business card
This card type conveys a luxury image of your company to prospects or potential clients. Depending on your budget, you may be creative by employing different designs, materials, and so on. While the size and form of the card are identical to the standard business card, the Premium card has a soothing gloss and matte texture and is not limited to being white or cream in card color. 

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3. Matte business card
For those seeking the "here's my card" magic than Jumanji, here is the card that takes you off the queue and jumps all protocols. brand owners who go with the vibe of "less are more" but insist on having a professional look for their cards can settle for this. 

Imagine maintaining eye contact with your prospect, and while smiling you simply hand your card over; most times, this usually has the same result: the prospect rubs his thumb and index fingers on the fine feel of satin/silk and smile.   

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4. Gloss business card
A gloss business card is worth considering if you seek to stand out from your  

Perhaps this is the best option for individuals in fashion, design, beauty care, hospitality, cosmetics, or who wish to incorporate photos in their business cards. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using this sort of card for other types of companies.  

5. Embossed business card
This style of card conveys a high level of expertise and exclusivity. It is clear that embossing not only adds an eye-catching impact to your card but also produces a better look and feel. It gives your card more elegance and weight.  

The embossed business card is unique in all spheres of class and draws attention to the most crucial aspects of your card design. 
Finally, business cards are more personable than email or online marketing. A solid handshake and the exchange of business cards have considerably more impact than any internet interaction.

They are also considered an effective marketing tool, which will rarely get discarded if nicely done; which implies working for you weeks or months after exchange.

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