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What are the types of digital printing?

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What are the types of digital printing?
New age Digital printing, as against traditional printing, has embraced a different approach with the assembly of ready-for-print images from a complex set of numbers and formulas. This technique has allowed the collection of pictures from pixels and its use of the digitalized image to regulate the deposition of ink, toner, and exposure to duplicate the desired image for print. 

To put it simply, digital printing is a newer technique in the field of printing that involves a complicated computer that instructs the machine on how to generate pictures to a surface. 

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In today’s article, we shall explore the world of digital printing, its advantages, the types considered and some unique features it possesses over normal printing. 

What makes digital printing unique? 
The Digital printing process is different from that of litho/normal printing, which deploys the use of wet ink and transfers the same image via printing plates. 

The most common types of digital printers are inkjet or toner-based printers. By mapping small ink droplets on your specified paper surface, the inkjet printer generates your image. The toner – fine plastic powder – produces smaller dots than an inkjet and prints dry. The printer is made from toner.

Types of Digital Printing? 
Digital printing has been categorized into three technologies, and these will be considered below. 

1. On-Demand Printing. 
On-Demand Printing is also known as Printing on Demand. And just as the name implies, it is a type of printing that is done on demand. If you seek to embark on a limited quantity of printing, this is a good option. This is appropriate in instances when organizations' printed documents must be updated regularly. 

Normally, a Digital Color printer may be used for such printing. However, if you want higher-quality prints, you might choose a Direct Imaging (DI) Press. 

2. Variable Data Printing.  
This is a form of digital printing that is customized and individualized since it gives the audience a personal feel. 
An excellent example would be a marketing/promotional email that addresses you by name but has uniform content. The mode is also known as Variable Data Printing technology. 

With a clearer understanding of the concept, it is apparent that this method works best for businesses that wish to address each client personally while keeping the core material generic. 

Variable Image Printing is another name for this method. 
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3. Web-to-print Printing. 
Web-to-print — While this technology has many similarities to the previous kind, it is widely used by businesses to alter and personalize emails online within a print management platform. 

As a result, several types of digital printing exist, depending on the user's needs. Because technology in this field is always improving, you should anticipate the quality of your printing to increase over time. 

What are the advantages of Digital Printing? 
It becomes more fascinating to seek an online presence to have the proper team to hear and understand your vision through the deployment of expert talents in Digital Marketing and SEO technologies to raise your ranking and boost your total sales.

1. Save Cost. 
Digital printing, as you might assume from a quicker and more efficient process, may be less expensive than older types of print. With digital printing, you just print what you need, whereas litho printing has a minimum amount. It's also easier to set up, making it perfect for a modest printing project. 

2. Less Distorted images. 
Digital printing yields higher-quality prints from lower-resolution images. It has advanced substantially since the first printer of its kind, allowing for less picture distortion due to its non-contact printing method. The print result is usually crisp and accurate, whereas litho printing produces a softer end product. 

3. Save Time. 
One of the most significant advantages of digital printing, if not the most important, is that it is significantly faster than traditional printing processes utilizing plates. With digital printing, all you have to do is upload a high-resolution file of your desired image, and the printer will handle the rest. As a result, your direct mail marketing campaign will be completed considerably faster. 

4. Ease of customization. 
Personalized direct mail marketing works effectively with the digital printing technique. With this sort of printing technique, variable printing is accessible, allowing each item of direct marketing – whether a flyer, leaflet, or brochure – to be unique. It is now normal marketing practice to conceive of your consumers as people, and customization is unparalleled when it comes to digital printing. 

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