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What are the stages involved in print production?

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oblprint What are the stages involved in print production?

What are the stages involved in print production?

To ensure a coordinated process flow in print production, it is only ideal that there are production phases identified which carefully point and cater to specific functions to guarantee an optimum delivery. 

In today‚Äôs article, we shall be reviewing the three stages in print production and some other tentacles that make print production come alive. 

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What is Print Production? 
Print production is the process required in creating printable content while harnessing 3 vital phrases which are Pre-press, Press, and Post-press for an optimum output on any choice of material.  

Print production is not limited to texts alone, hence there is no need to picture it to print media alone, as this encompasses all forms of print that are visible to the human eye. 

What are the stages involved in Print Production? 
The following are the stages involved in Print production across all spheres, they are: 

Prepress is the name used for the processes and procedures between the production of the printed layout and the final printing in the printing and publications industries.

At that time, we used personnel to produce a printing plate, a picture carrier, ready for installation on a printing press and to edit the photos, photographs, and texts as well as to create a high-quality print file. 

As the world globally evolves with innovation and technology, today's Prepress makes great use of either PDF or native application files are created from programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suites, QuarkXPress, to mention a few. 

Pre-press is simply the process of converting an original concept for a printed image, such as a photo or drawing, into a printing plate or other image carrier. 

Composition and typesetting, graphic arts photography, image assembly, color separation, and image carrier preparation are all part of the Pre-press process. 

The Press stage could also be called the Printing stage where production output from the pre-press is transferred onto a material. This material could range from paper, fabrics, and a wide range of others. 

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The Press stage has 4 types of print options to pick from, namely: 

1. Screen Printing:  
The screen-printing deploys the use of a plate that is constructed of a tiny mesh with non-printing components covered by a stencil. Its principle of operation requires the spread of the ink into the paper through the unblocked areas. The ink is then forced through the mesh onto the paper using a squeegee or blade as the case may be. 

2. Lithography Printing: 
Lithographic print technology is utilized for offset printing, which is the most prevalent printing process today. It requires a flat surface that has been treated with water to repel ink; the areas that have not been treated with water have been coated with ink, which is subsequently transferred to the paper for a good feel. 

3. Letterpress Printing: 
In letterpress printing, the printing surface is usually elevated than the other part of the material. The ink adheres to the raised areas before being pushed on the paper. 

4. Gravure Printing: 
The printing surface of gravure printing has recessed parts that are filled with ink. The raised flat surface is then scraped clean with a blade to remove excess ink before being pushed into the paper. 

This stage centers on the aftermath of a print job, such that the pages are assembled and sorted [if the material was paper] using one or more of the several procedures to prepare the final product for distribution or delivery as the case may be. 

Post-press operations are becoming more automated compared to the traditional process flow, albeit not to the same level as Pre-press and printing processes. If the last stage is not completed as rapidly as the preceding phases, this might cause a bottleneck in the process. Which sends the message that every stage is as sensitive as the other since it is more of a chain reaction. 

The intricacy of the operations necessitates additional manual involvement, which is why post-press like other process flow is not entirely automated. 

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