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The Ideal Printer for Printing Stickers

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The Ideal Printer for Printing Stickers

What could be more worrisome than the designing of a sticker? I’m talking about the texts, text size, font choice, design/outlay, the right colours, effects around the work of art, the margins or even the conceptualization process, and a few more. These are enough worrying for any creative graphics designer especially when not sure what to design. You have to keep shuttling between your sketch pad and the image editor software.

Imagine someone dancing at a party with all confidence and glee, only for him/her to look up and see him/her have turned to an object of spectacle. No! Not because they danced well, but that they were obviously like an earthworm in a bowl of salt... wriggling but off the beat, it’s a sight to behold. I bet you have seen this couple of times at an event, it gets better if you are not the dancer I'm addressing in this context.

What could have been wrong? The amazing dancer [in all sarcasm] if asked could confidently tell you he/she has an image in his/her head they visualize and they in their best of skill are exhibiting...gracefully.

This shares the same angle as a graphics designer who does a thorough job conceptualizing, putting down sketches on the pad, and then applying the right colour blends and resolution to the image using the image editing software but upon printing the output looks far from what was designed. Again, what could be wrong? Your printer, my friend!

One of the things that set you apart as a graphics expert is knowing the right printers to use for each job material. This means considering the surface in which the print would be placed and then picking the perfect printer to make your job come out more deserving.

What is the Ideal Printer for Printing Stickers?

So, after researching printers and stickers, I was careful enough to also spot out reviews and ratings online, this led to my selection of this printer, considering what we intend to print, stickers. I hope I get paid for the Ad though. [Giggle]

Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Series

This printer has been recognized for printing professional-colored stickers. Using its new technology of the 8-Dye based ink as an edge, the resolution of your designs is guaranteed to come out as seen on your display unit when designing.

Features of the Canon PIXMA Pro 100

  • Compatibility between ink and printer gets easier as this printer can be used with Distinct CLI 42 ink tanks, which requires just replacing the ink tanks when empty.
  • It has a special ink tank for grayscale [black and white]
  • It has a wireless mobile printing option from the Air print app.
  • It possesses the ability to print up to 4800 x 2400 dots per inch.
  • With the introduction of the Optimum Image Generating System, printing gets better with the Canon PIXMA Pro.

As you are aware of trends and rebirth in technology, the Canon PIXMA had also evolved by creating newer versions of their printer by the introduction of the Canon PIXMA Pro 200 which is also up for consideration at any time. The series is significantly more expensive than the previously stated PIXMA printer, however, you are sure to get more capabilities and better print outputs for the extra bucks.

One of the unique features of the Canon PIXMA Pro-200 is that it could print in a wide format up to 13 inch x 19 inch and is compatible with a variety of paper.

When next you are considering that new design intended for a sticker, and you have been able to solve all possible graphics and design riddle based on your level of creativity, I hope this article does well in helping you deliver an outstanding job and more importantly a referral. After all, the reward for a good work should be more work.

  Jun 30, 2021       by Oluwafemi Smith       395 Views

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