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Tshirt Printing Process in Dubai 2021

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Tshirt Printing Process in Dubai 2021

According to the Telegrah, Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. Currently ranked as the 7th most visited city after the cities of Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Macau, Singapore and Paris; receiving over 16.3 million visitors in 2020. The city is fast becoming the most sought after tourist interest, with sightseers lining up to see the many spectacular views that it offers.

But how do you tell the stories of your visit to a city like Dubai? You come back with souvenirs to relive the memories, not just for yourself alone, but also for family and friends. This is where the T-shirt Printing business comes into the picture.

T-shirts are widely worn by people as a medium to express their feelings and as attire in participating in casual events and in some working places. Thus T-shirts, Polo shirts and personalized t-shirts do brisk business especially in high volume tourists’ cities like Dubai.

For most tourists, T-shirts and caps are some of the most common souvenirs they return with from their visits to cities of attractions. T-shirts bearing images of famous landmarks and other things of interest are commonly purchased by such visitors as memorabilia of their visits. Thus, the business of T-shirt printing experiences a high volume of patronage by tourists to Dubai.

T-shirt Printing processes are affordably fit to the wide range of customers’ interests from individuals to large scale businesses. So, as an integral part of the tourism business that is the soul of the city of Dubai; what is the T-shirt Printing process like in Dubai? There are many printing options available to printers today as a result of better technological process; from Screen Printing to Heat transfer.

Here are some of the T-shirt Printing Processes in Dubai in 2021:

Screen Printing – the screen printing process remains one of the basic forms of t-shirt printing. It is a custom t-shirt printing process that uses a mesh to transfer ink onto the t-shirts fabrics. It is one of the cheapest printing methods suitable for bulk printing and promising durability.

Vinyl Transfer – this technique is a popular printing process in Dubai. It uses heat transfer machine with an outcome of high level elasticity, vibrancy and durability. This process comes highly recommended for those looking to get into the t-shirt printing business in Dubai; especially for short run projects such as events, uniforms and sport jerseys.

Dye-Sublimation – this process is used to transfer images or graphics artwork onto 100% polyester fabrics. It is an advanced technique of t-shirt printing commonly employed in the production of sports jerseys and work wear.

Direct to Garment – this t-shirt printing process is one of the latest techniques of polo shirt printing process using specialized aqueous ink jet technology. This t-shirt printing process is used for highly detailed graphics or photos printing on 100% cotton plain colour t-shirts.

Laser Printing – this is another modern technology t-shirt printing processes that has a quick-turn around capability; particularly in transferring A3 or A4 size images, artwork or graphical design onto t-shirts. This method is used particularly for crew neck t-shirts and other cotton fabrics.

So, whatever your interest is in the t-shirt printing process; one can be rest assured that there are a variety of t-shirt printing techniques to suit your need for it. As a business interest running out of the world famous Arabian city; there are thousands of t-shirt themes to wow the minds of tourists to the city.

Dubai in a couple of years is going to become the top tourists’ destination in the world and the T-shirt Printing process is going to experience an exponential explosion in the demand for its products for those wishing to go back to their native homes with a piece of the Dubai experience to share and savor. 

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