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Single Photo Printing on a Canvas

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Single Photo Printing on a Canvas

Who knew there was more to printing a photograph especially with choice material as Canvas.

I bet you would agree with me that there is always a special feeling and aura in a room with a sharp photograph. Most times it’s the image that gets to us; perhaps the stories they tell, what the image represents, and in other instance, the quality of the print; I am talking picture resolution and all its magic.

In today’s piece, we would be reviewing Single Photo Canvas Printing in Dubai. We would also examine the conventional mode of printing it and what appears as the new world order.

A Single canvas photo is an image that has been customized and printed on canvas before being spread over a frame. Canvas prints are a perfect way to show a special memory while still contributing to the decor of your home. Initial oil or acrylic drawings on stretched canvas are reproduced in these prints.

The Single Photo Canvas has found vast acceptance in the offices, homes, hotels and restaurants just to brighten the room. 

Canvas Printing in Dubai has been of greater ease than before whereby art lovers or seekers of fine prints visit a printing store and after a difficult time picking the right print and size, one settles for something close enough. Now you could simply surf the net [if yet to find the right plug] provide the image for print, provide the dimensions for the photo, be it vertical or horizontal, as most are available up to 96 inches in both height and width depending on the order. Having completed your personal information, items are usually delivered within 1-4 days; now that’s some ease, right? I get to choose my picture, give specifications, and relax from the comfort of my space. Amazing!

While you are overly excited about this, here are few things I suggest you consider before that online print:

Image Resolution:

The resolution of your photo determines the quality of your canvas print. In general, you shouldn't upload a picture with a file size of less than 250KB because it will appear pixelated on a 10x10cm print. If you're looking for an online canvas store, make sure their website has a photo testing feature. Once you upload your photo, the tool will inform you if the resolution of your photo is sufficient.


 Once you know the dimensions of your photo (most Mac and Windows systems display this information in the photo properties box), divide the number of pixels in your photo by the number of inches in the canvas print size you picked. For example, if your picture has 5000 pixels horizontally and you want a print with a width of 50 centimeters, the resulting print would have a horizontal resolution of about 5000 pixels/20inches=250 DPI. The vertical resolution is measured in the same way.

Skilled printers may ‘enrich' images of lower resolution using different software. There are many algorithms that actually expand a picture while increasing the resolution at the same time by artificially generating pixels; however, the resulting print may contain patterns such as minor squares or circles.

Since canvas prints made from your photos are considered customized items, you should review the seller's return and cancellation policies. If your canvas is destroyed, not all sellers can reprint it. Unlike other online purchases, where you have a certain amount of time to test the item and return it if you don't like it, customized products have no such time limit. So, please do well to read carefully the terms and conditions of the seller. Even if they provide a return or refund in case the print arrives faulty, make sure that they describe exactly what a faulty item is.

I will leave you with this: you can transform virtually any illustration, painting, or a single photo into artwork that looks like a hand-painted original using the best canvas printing services in Dubai, either as a walk-in customer or remotely.

So, is Canvas Printing worth it? 

I’ll say while Canvas Prints are more pricey than framed prints, they will likely last much longer and serve as a family heirloom with your best prints. Canvas prints also look fantastic in any setting, while framed prints can be found in almost any home... but we don't want just any prints, do we?

  Apr 04, 2021       by Oluwafemi Smith       211 Views

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