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Printing Vinyl Stickers on a Regular Printer

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Printing Vinyl Stickers on a Regular Printer

One of the amazing things about learning [which is fun] is the discovery of new knowledge that sets you in awe. The awkward part to this new knowledge [in whichever sphere] is that the information was never far-fetched, it was always lurking around you. Do I have a witness here?

I know of an aunt who does her handiwork all by herself; her lifeline? Yeah, YouTube! It would be tough trying to impress her with some select skills when any of her appliances gets broken. This brings me to this; would you be shocked to see a long list of other amazing things you could do by yourself?

In this article, I will be kind enough to share with you one of those amazing things you can do all by yourself from the comfort of your space, printing vinyl stickers using a regular printer.

Why Vinyl Stickers are better

If you are like me who questions trends and norms by asking questions instead of following a pattern, here are answers to ease your thoughts.

  • Vinyl stickers are waterproof and environmentally friendly. This means that you can use it both outdoor and indoor without the fear of water/rainfall. It is also easy to recycle thereby saving the earth.
  • They are more durable and yet affordable.
  • The Vinyl stickers help prints come out sharper [if you use the right printer though]
  • It is easy to apply and remove where necessary without leaving details.

Having dusted that out, it is also imperative to note that the right printers to use in the process of printing your amazing work of art is vital. This simply means that the choice of the wrong printer could hamper or frustrate your effort of a thorough output as intended.

9 Things you need to Print Vinyl stickers from home

1.      Design.

2.      Design Software.

3.      Vinyl Printer. [Laser Printer]

4.      Sketch pad and sketch pen.

5.      Computer.

6.      Scissors/Craft knife.

7.      Vinyl Printer paper.

8.      Over-laminate Sheet.

9.      Ruler.

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  Jun 14, 2021       by Oluwafemi Smith       456 Views

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