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Lowering Printing Company Prices Is not the Best Solution

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Lowering Printing Company Prices Is not the Best Solution

Every business has a strategy and a budget. As a result, lowering printing company prices isn't the best solution. However, when it comes to printing, many businesses underestimate the need to monitor expenditures and take action to reduce them. These companies may be unaware of the huge savings they may achieve by using some of the simplest printing cost-cutting methods.

The interpersonal relationship that exists between printing companies and their customers is at best tenuous, especially when it comes to negotiating print production prices due to spiralling costs in the production of print materials, but there are ways for customers to reduce costs without coercing the print companies to reduce their printing prices.

Let's take a look at three techniques to save on printing costs.


1. Putting the Printing Process to the Test

Buyers who question the process will find that they have more control over their projects. They can also discover that they have more control over their time. They will end up doing more, both professionally and emotionally. Buyers who do not push the process will struggle to reach the same degree of success. They will become engrossed in time-wasting hobbies. They will fight to keep both their work and their time under control.

Here are three places when a difficult process might be really beneficial.


a. The ordering process

For a busy buyer, the ordering process might be one of the most time-consuming processes. There is frequently a lengthy approval process to go through. The purchase order must then be issued. The purchase order must then be authorized. The purchase order can then be issued. It's astonishing how many times information has to be re-recorded during this series of occurrences. This series of events is well worth the attention of any buyer. Is there any additional data that can be copied electronically? Is there a more automatic method for obtaining budget approval?


b. File delivery

File delivery can also be a time-consuming operation. If you have a massive amount of files, consider using a system like Insight or Delano. The printer hosts systems like these. It enables immediate file inspection and uploading when both parties are available. It also enables everyone at the buyer's firm to conduct checks as needed. There is one more instance where the tough approach is worthwhile.


c. Reporting

Many print-purchasing software programs can now generate all of the reports you want automatically. One of the most important enhancements was to request that suppliers and other internal contacts provide information in the manner that you need. This will enable you to automatically populate a spreadsheet. You may also be able to request that providers elevate information automatically. Of course, you should double-check that the reporting you are being requested to do is indeed required!


2. Reduce costs by challenging specification

Buyers who question specifications will receive more bang for their buck. They will maintain financial control. They are also more likely to improve connections with their suppliers. Buyers who do not question specifications are less likely to form excellent working relationships with their suppliers. They will consistently undercut them on price. They will, however, struggle to do as much as they might with their finances. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you must consider your specifications carefully.

Here are three points to consider while reviewing any specification.


a. Type of Paper

It is quite appealing to remain with the papers you are familiar with. However, you may wind up paying more than you need to. Paper mills are making significant strides in the stocks they generate. If you haven't looked at paper specifications in a while, you could be shocked by the results. Because of the advantages in whiteness, surface, and mass, you may be able to choose a lighter weight or grade of stock.


b. Size

Many print purchasers prefer A sizes. Everyone is used to it, after all. However, there are several times when we are not required to adhere to normal sizes. You may be able to get a lot more things out of a sheet if you pick a little smaller size. This can significantly cut the cost of your goods.


c. Printing run

One of the most significant areas of waste that I observe is the printing of several copies of the same thing. Buyers are tempted to obtain more copies since the run-ons are so inexpensive. However, these excess copies frequently wind up accumulating dust in a storeroom or warehouse. Buyers should always question the number of copies ordered, as it can result in significant financial savings.


3. Challenge their supplier base

Print buyers who push their suppliers frequently receive more for their money. They frequently create novel solutions for their clientele. They are more likely to be valued members of the project planning team. They will have positive interactions with their customers. Print buyers that do not push their supplier base are less likely to develop these positive partnerships. They are more likely to be classified as order-takers. They will most likely achieve less with their finances.

Here are three reasons why you should question your supplier base:


a. New vendors provide fresh perspectives

Printing firms are constantly interested in becoming one of your suppliers. That is, they will frequently strive to devise novel solutions. They may be able to question a specification in any of the methods I have already discussed. They may be able to reduce your expenses, increase your ROI, or redo fulfilment.


b. Existing supplier relationships might become complacent

Relationships can sometimes only linger without any progress being made. They don't do anything. It may be quite tempting for both sides to put in as little effort as possible in the relationship. This situation alters if established suppliers are aware that a buyer is seeking new printing businesses on a frequent basis. They understand that they must continue to work hard in order to remain on your preferred supplier list. They will be eager to invest more in the connection. They will work tirelessly to secure every available position.


c. Printing businesses may be awarded the wrong jobs

Each project should not be handled by the same vendor. However, this is not usually obvious until a new supplier enters the picture. It is always good to discuss a project with a new company if you are unfamiliar with all forms of printing equipment. Some clients, however, are adamantly opposed to having their supply chain interrupted.



It may appear to be difficult labor, but you will like it. You'll be pleased with the results of your efforts to cut costs at printing companies rather than insist on price cuts. Price is usually a significant consideration in the process. It should be evaluated on as often as possible. However, you may be surprised by the results you obtain without mentioning pricing by questioning the order process, how files are provided, and the reporting process.

  Apr 18, 2023       by Adekunle Oludele       173 Views

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