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Is there a health hazard from printer toner to be mindful of in 2022?

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Is there a health hazard from printer toner to be mindful of in 2022?
It's 2022, and there is hardly anything that does not cause something in the long run. Maybe it is the law of cause and effect, or maybe it is just life and its cycle providing us with the universal authority it possesses. 

But after several standard processes adhered to health and safety measures, standard organizations and regulatory bodies in necessary regions have reviewed and provided the printers with valid rights in tune with the IEEE regulations, is there any chance that the printer toner is not safe for humans? 

In this post, I will be doing a review on the printer toner and how it affects us in general. However, before we proceed, please note that having the right group to listen to, understand, and translate your creative ideas through expert digital marketing tools and Search Engine Optimization for a dominant web presence gets easier with The Watchtower Web Design Agency, Dubai. Check them out today for your web solutions. 

What is a printer toner? 

As Wikipedia simply puts it, a printer toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper, in general, through a toner cartridge. 

For tangible things around us, life has always been guided by the law of cause and effect. In computer terms, it is called GIGO [garbage in, garbage out], which means that what you give is what you get. 

As an extension/peripheral, the printer aids extended communication, which makes available what is seen on the Visual Display Unit [VDU] to be documented or available to a third party on paper or other surfaces. 

Is there a health hazard in the printing industry? 

Many potentially hazardous chemical substances will likely come into contact with the majority of those workers as they go about their regular jobs. This could be from direct contact with the germs or people around one who have been infected and tend to spread them by physical contact with the exposed. 

While some could be as little as germs, others could be exposed to chemical sources that could harm the health and well-being of workers in the printing sector. Some of these examples are inked/toners' solvents, adhesives, organic and inorganic pigments, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 

Could printer toners be harmful to humans? 

Yes! They could be harmful if not properly guarded. In a recent study, Nancy Lan Guo from West Virginia University found that the small toner nanoparticles emitted by laser printers may alter our genetic and metabolic profiles, increasing the likelihood of developing the disease. Her research has been published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 

According to Guo, a professor in the School of Public Health and an employee of the Cancer Institute, "the changes are profound from day one." 

How can one reduce the risk of being a casualty of print toners? 

The potential risks of the harmful compounds that employees are working with can be explained to them. Proper training is a key factor in lowering risk and susceptibility. However, it might be challenging for any employee to be aware of the precise hazards and "use protocols" that come with each new chemical product. 

Safety data sheets (SDSs), which describe how to use a chemical product safely and what precautions to take, should be required for every printing sector. 

Companies should concentrate on regularly updating the safety information of the solvents, inks, and other components used by the printing industry to protect the health and wellness of their employees. It is also necessary for the safety data sheets to fully disclose all potentially dangerous substances. 

Is it possible to work in the printing industry without these printing hazards? 

Yes! Every organization has its own rules and regulations, likewise the industry standards. Take note of these rules as advised, make use of your protective gear as you ought, take notes on the SDS and look out for your colleagues as well. 

In conclusion, no job description is without its health hazards. That is why a safety procedure has been set in motion to ensure no one is left out, and more importantly, ensure a healthy staff to deliver a quality job as required. 

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  Aug 22, 2022       by Oluwafemi Smith       561 Views

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