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How the Printing Press Evolved The World

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How the Printing Press Evolved The World

To understand how the Printing Press Dubai works, it is also necessary to understand has printing itself has evolved over the years. From the time of its creation to the present day influence this great innovation has had on the world you know.


Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg was born sometime around  the 1400s was a German publisher and goldsmith credited with the invention of the printing press who died on the 3rd of February in 1468.


With the introduction of his mechanical movable-type printing press to Europe, his work started what became known as the Printing Revolution in Europe and is regarded as a milestone of the second millennium age which ushered in the modern period of human history.


This truly monumental invention was the combination of several innovations and elements into a practical system that allowed for the mass production of printed books providing a more economical and viable option for both printers and readers alike.


Gutenberg's method for making his type of printing press is traditionally considered to have included a type of metal alloy and a hand mold for casting. The metal alloy was a mixture of lead, tin, and antimony that melted at a low temperature for a faster and more economical printing method.


With the first book he was ever said to have printed being “The Gutenberg Bible,” which was naturally named after the celebrated inventor, Gutenberg’s Printing Press has since evolved over the years and has had an impact on the history and future of the world in ways that even the famous inventor could not have possibly ever imagined.


Here are a few ways the Printing Press has changed the world forever.


It affected how news was disseminated.

Back in the old-times people often got news of what was happening from around the world by messenger, town criers, or simply from travelers who happened their way.


Local brothels, taverns, and marketplaces were a hotbed for anyone interested in learning what was happening in other villages, towns, and even countries.


As you can imagine this news was always accurate as accounts given by different people often had slight variations depending on who told the story.


With the advent of Gutenberg's printing press, large scale printing of notices, pamphlets and the eventual birth of the newspaper made the dissemination of information, ideas, and data more accessible to a larger populace.


And now till this very day Printing Press in Dubai and around the world still serve the world in that respect with the printing of similar materials like books, pamphlets, and novels as well as travel guides, photo catalogs, magazines and other like media.


Advancement in Technology and Science

Naturally, as books became more available to the public it also led to advancements in most areas of academia and lead to a direct boost to the advancements made within the scientific community around the known world.


As a result, the discoveries made by scientists and explorers of the time were more easily shared throughout the known world, books and innovations made in one country could now be more easily shared with others thousands of miles away.


More accurate and uniform data could be given in books, ideas could be more easily illustrated and conveyed from one inventor’s mind to another.


Interesting facts and fanciful stories were more easily told the way they were intended to be and with this newfound ability to publish and share news, scientific findings and data with a wider audience, the world, and scientific community took great leap forward in during the 16th and 17th centuries.


The sharing of ideas and innovations would lead to even greater ideas and innovations and the printing press became one of the most influential devices of its era to the present day.


It led to an increase in the number of books available to the public

As stated earlier, the printing of books and the reprinting of classical texts, stories and so forth now become possible and much easier than they used to be.


Back in the day, most people often transcribed texts and books by hand even often rewriting parts of old texts to suit their tastes as they did.


As you could imagine transcribing books by hand took a lot of time and effort and it could sometimes take a Scribe years to transcribe and illustrate a single book.


But, with the advent of the printing press books both old and new could be reprinted at a faster rate with more volume further helping to get such texts into the hands of the multitudes rather than a select few.


But now, the works of older classical poets, philosophers, and playwrights were quickly finding their way back into the hearts and minds of the larger populace and led to the emergence of the world's first bestselling Author, Martin Luther.


Since then Printing Press Dubai and from around the world have been helping to print the work of both old and new Authors, playwrights, poets, and even comic book creators and help get their work to the public.



The distributed works of many philosophers around during the enlightenment era sparked the flames of revolution that would burn through the world for countless centuries to come.


The works of philosophers like John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau became commonplace amongst an increasingly literate populace.


Enlightening the general public led them to question the policies of the ruling bodies and question the authorities of their religious leaders, the church, and the rise of public opinion power to topple the ruling class.


People were becoming increasingly more aware of what good governance meant and as such began to understand that they had a lot more power over what the ruling class did than they previously knew.


 Job Creation

Sometimes, when new technology is invented, old jobs cease to exist and new ones are created.


With the advent of the printing press, most scribes soon found themselves out of work. However, the Printing press also ended up creating new jobs no one had ever had before.


Soon skilled laborers were hired in the areas of proofreading, book design, and layout which soon gave rise to publishing houses that became the engine and framework of a quickly growing and lucrative industry.


And even though it didn’t start till the 18th century some say that the printing press was the beginning of the industrial revolution.


Its Effect on Literacy

With all the advancements made by the invention of the Printing Press, perhaps the most important advancement made by the printing press is its effect on the literacy rate around the world.


As we talked about earlier the printing press allowed for the democratizing of knowledge as more and more individuals were provided access to more information.


 This made it necessary for more people to learn to read. A skill that most people ever acquired in those times due to the lack of material which the Printing press had finally made more accessible to the general public.


And as more and more books made it into circulation through there was a significant advancement in mass literacy as demonstrated through the exponential rise in adult literacy throughout the known world of the times and especially in Europe.


Soon schooling was no longer just for the rich alone as smaller more locally based schools started teaching children and adults how to read.


Being able to read was considered a skill of some prestige and even granted opportunities for some to finally work in more prestigious establish or pursue more lucrative job opportunities.


The printing press would also have a drastic and lasting effect on the educational practices of the time, evolving and transforming the relationship between educator and student, master and apprentice.


Young students didn't always have to go to their instructors if they wanted to learn new things. The wisdom of older and now silent masters in books could also act as their teachers.


And since many books were produced in Latin, this also helped to promote the language that would become the basis for most of the major languages in the known world.


It brought the world stories

The world as we know it today probably wouldn’t be what it is without the invention of the Printing Press. Or perhaps to be more precise, it would have gotten there a lot slower.


With the effect, the Printing press had on literacy and education around Europe and then later the rest of the world, more and more people began to read.


Not just the news, educational manuscripts, and scientific journals, but books about far-off places, fairytales, and adventures that would spark the imagination of millions to come. 


It can be said that the printing press gave birth to the Novel and the novelist. As detailed in an earlier section in this post, Martin Luther was acclaimed to be the very first Novelist in known history.


With these storytellers now having a means of telling the often wonderful ideas they had locked in their heads to a wider audience the world would soon begin to understand the true power of the imagination and a new type of industry would be born inspiring millions from around the world till this day. 


Printing Press Dubai has continued to offer an outlet for these great bastions of the ancient art of storytelling and so doing ensuring that the world continues to enjoy the work of countless Authors and adventures to entertain both the young and the old. 

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