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How can I learn Pre-press?

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How can I learn Pre-press?
In the great words of Leonardo Da Vinci, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” 

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The word Pre-press finds application in the print industry, where you have 3 stages in the journey of print production for overall success. The three stages in print production are: 
1. Pre-Press. 
2. Press. 
3. Post Press. 

In today’s article, a careful review will be initiated on Pre-press as a subject and how this stage can be thoroughly learned while we examine the factors that it comprises. 

What is Pre-press? 
Prepress refers to the processes and procedures that take place between the creation of a print layout and final printing in the printing and publishing industries.

The activities and procedures that occur between the production of a print layout and the final printing are referred to as prepress in the printing and publishing industries. Simply defined, it's the highlighting and execution of critical processes leading to the final print project/output.

How can I learn Pre-press? 
If there is a hands-on to learn Pre-press, it would be the Will power, a measure of creativity or the right team to work with, attention to detail, and the mark for perfection. 

The place of Will power is the energy and zeal that comes to a place of your dealings, the energy to un-learn past modes of operation while welcoming new schemes of exceptional delivery. It is the unwavering growth of creativity that enables you to flip what appears ordinary in the sight of your client to a mouth gaping wonder of perfection when it comes to delivery. Note that this may not be to your credit, as you could leverage on a graphics team or a think tank in your space to ensure salient and golden points are taken, and lastly the place of paying attention to details comes with the parameter of learning Pre-press. 

If the above listed have been pointed out and cleared in the mind, you can proceed to identify the factors to be considered for Pre-press, as seen below. 

What are the factors to consider before Pre-press? 
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While we could come up with some familiar words and definitions, there are 4 only major highlights to note before considering to commence Pre-press, they are: 

1. Texts
The choice of words and its arrangement is sensitive to the Pre-press, to ensure that the intended message is passed in the best of clarity. The Texts here usually find use in Word documents, since it is the most acceptable document tool considering its many features. 

2. Image
Image as we all know is everything. While people can read [for the good number of those who can], the place of the image, helps the audience have a better mental picture to the purpose of print, and retention level has been proven to be high. 

Images for the Pre-press can be received through several electronic storage devices or sent via any of the social media channels. While the image and channels are key, the file format is pretty much more sensitive than other things, to ensure objects are not distorted, likewise that they maintain origin color saturation as intended. 

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3. Graphics
Graphics are the third and most important component of a printed page. They often are created with software tools like Freehand, Illustrator, or CorelDraw. These files are often saved as vector-based data files that cannot be modified or positioned in a layout application. [as mentioned above] As a result, these software packages provide the option of saving images or drawings in EPS format and making them available in the layout for geometric processing (scaling, cropping). 

4. Layout
Layout programs are software packages that provide flexible, creative work and the integration of components (text, pictures, and graphics) on pages or a sequence of pages, as well as their positioning on the page based on the current activity. As a result, they have taken over a substantial production role. QuarkXPress is a layout program that has almost become a standard application. InDesign from Adobe first came on the market in 1999. Page- Maker (previously by Aldus, now Adobe) is another popular layout tool that is primarily used in workplaces. 

We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new because that is our primary objective. We will always offer you quality content on all things print and production at OBL Print, as a top Printing Press Dubai, known for producing the highest quality Sticker Printing Dubai, Canvas Printing Dubai, and Business Card Printing Dubai

  Oct 18, 2021       by Oluwafemi Smith       299 Views

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