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Has the printing press helped spread knowledge

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Has the printing press helped spread knowledge

The word orthodontics is one of my newly found words in my vocabulary bank; it is a branch of dentistry that centers on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of ill aligned, crooked teeth and jaws, as well as incorrect bites patterns that a human could face. It may also deal with dentofacial orthopedics, which is the modulation of facial growth. I don’t know how to better put it, but a good dose of new knowledge is always intriguing for me, it’s a different type of joy like a preacher winning a soul, or a chef unfolding a new recipe, and you want to know how I discovered this word? I bet you want to, well, this was not anything from the printing press, but from a television show a few days on world Orthodontics Day. a testament of a spread of knowledge, but not from the printing press as a medium.

In the never ugly city of Dubai, the printing press which is one of the largest dominated business establishments has been many things to many people for many reasons. For most people, it has been a good enough reason to create awareness as a brand on the streets, usually on large outdoor formatting prints, and for others, it may be small signage, company brochure, business cards, cloth prints, souvenirs, and an endless list of possibility which includes printing books that could best suffice from educational materials to print media as journals or newspaper as the case may be. This forms the basis of today’s article, which simply celebrates innovation, but again questions one of the forms of media that has eased mankind in the quest for knowledge as we inquire if the printing press in Dubai has helped spread knowledge, if partial or not in any way at all. You will find out this and more at the end of this interesting read.

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What is knowledge?

I think it is sacrosanct that I get you juiced up on this for better relation to the printing press and the pact of knowledge. Well, to start with, knowledge is simply garnering the information gotten from experience such that it has explicit meaning to one. It is the ability to identify, and know information without losing its meaning at any given point in time. Knowledge is usually garnered from an open-source of information which could either be in different forms such as audio, visual, textual, or feeling. To know is to identify a piece of information applicable to a situation or experience that can find used or otherwise depending on the receiver/user/owner.

Education has been a blessing to mankind, no lies. Through it, many men have laid gainful impact through knowledge in the sands of time.

What is the role of the printing press?

If you have followed through with the article so far, you would have observed when we mentioned the forms of information, one of which is textual which takes a good toll from the printing media. The printing media has been resourceful to have helped us out with educational materials for our readers. At least if I don’t know any better, I will say from when I was a child. As a millennial, my generation saw the best of prints as an educational tool before other forms such as VDU [visual display unit] were introduced. They do the printing business and produce works like newspapers, books, business cards, postcards, and all other kinds of printing works. These companies may operate on a small or large scale, and they may also run as a sole proprietorship or as an organization.

If the printing press had a major role, it must be a clear fact in helping out disseminate information in any sector. While as a student/pupil the printing press helped with educational materials, the mass media helped with newspapers and journals which were called dailies because readers always looked out for more and new knowledge that is put out in their sector. In Dubai for instance, advertisements and awareness are things that are mostly run by the printing press whereby events and adverts are displayed on large format outdoor surfaces just so that the residents of that area be in the know of whatever information is conveyed on the surface. In most cases, this comes as flex or a piece of cloth, but either way, its sole aim is to spread knowledge. Another good use of the printing press is in the design and printing of company brochures, company profiles, complimentary cards, and portfolios. The printing press has stressed into all channels to guarantee that people can convey information on a piece of material and the information can be said as knowledge if seen as worthy to read and remember.

Has the printing press helped spread knowledge?

No doubt, the printing press has helped spread knowledge, if not for anything, the place of education alone is a good reason to celebrate the printing press. With them, there has been an easy reach to cover more eagerly learning children as the case may be. The printing press has helped disseminate knowledge in large, extra-large, small, and medium format printing jobs for both outdoor and indoor, it has also helped with different stories printed on any surface to tell a common knowledge for the populace or some select demographic. Stickers are yet another useful tool brought by the printing press to help create a buzz, while the newspapers and journals have much more details to divulge due to the size, stickers are used to send a message, usually like an identifier of a message, brand, image or most of the time a short text. The Printing press has helped spread knowledge not only in Dubai, but in all locales across the globe, and the results are mind-blowing.

How did the printing press help spread knowledge?

Knowledge was passed down orally or through pricey handwritten texts and scribers before the printing press. Just as history doesn’t lie depending on who is telling it though, it is said that people could be educated faster than ever before with the good use of the printing press. Such that more people could benefit from new ideas and knowledge than even the best instructor could reach in their lifetime. This means that with the useful tool utilized in the printing press media, publishers can enjoy the luxury of having educational materials printed simultaneously within a short period, which means that new knowledge is disbursed, likewise is the quantity more to cover more readers thereby empowering them with useful information. One of the most important advantages of the printing press was that it allowed ideas and news to spread swiftly, which aided the Reformation, the age of enlightenment, likewise a scientific revolution.

Is the printing media still a relevant tool for knowledge spread?

Times have changed, and Generation Z has a better grasp of everything. Maybe I should have started with the new reality that the world has gradually evolved. One can choose to sulk and be adamant about the change the world has tendered us, or forever be left behind in the craze. The printing press might have saved enough lives and has instilled memories in the hearts of people, perhaps we are overly comforted by its good gestures in education, but is the printing media still a relevant tool to spread knowledge? Yes, it is! The baby boomers are quite adamant on some things, and if not anything, I am overly certain they would not want to fully migrate into the 3rd industrial revolution of Digital media.

In recent times, hardly would you find anyone between the age of 15-25 if not 30 reading traditional news journals as a routine; most of them would probably do it online. More like registering for a newsletter, subscribing to news feeds, turning on post notifications for posts that keep you abreast on news around your locale, or even the choice of buying audiobooks from platforms to ease the journey to seeking knowledge.

In summary, the printing press is a significant pillar to the ratio of impact on the people of Dubai, likewise the entire populace. We have been blessed by the good hands of print media, however, as change is the only thing considered constant in life, most people have migrated to seek knowledge with the use of modern tools through digital platforms, especially those which have been incorporated with social media for the entire ride. So, has the printing press dubai helped spread knowledge, yes it has. Is it still a viable tool at that, well, it is gathering enough momentum for those still stuck in that cadre, is there a much more considered tool for knowledge spread? Yes! Digital channels have been considered and they are mobile, compact, less tasking, and still knowledge providing.

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