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DIY Temporary Tattoos for all your special occasions

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DIY  Temporary Tattoos for all your special occasions

Creating customized tattoos for your personal or corporate events adds a personalized and fun touch to it. Also, if you would like to get a look and feel of it on your body before you get a permanent one, it’s always a good idea to do so. This super easy DIY will help you get going with minimum requirements. Also, please find the link to the FREE printable design files.


  1. Temporary Tattoo Paper
  2. Clear Adhesive Film (Comes along with the Tattoo paper)
  3. Laser Printer
  4. Scissors
  5. Squeegee
  6. Water
  7. Printable design (any format – Jpeg, pdf, png, etc.)

Step 1: Start by creating your design or picking an image from the web. Mirror the image in the software or the print setting – this is important as the tattoo will be reversed once we place it on the body.

Step 2: Place the clear adhesive sheet on the tattoo paper, now if you are not comfortable to do it throughout the A4 sheet you can cut it into half or less.

Step 3: Start by peeling off the sticker from one end and placing it on to the sheet, smoothing it out and making sure no bubbles remain.

Step 4: Now with the use of a squeegee or any credit card, slowly peel off the adhesive backing paper and paste the rest of the sticker. This needs to be thoroughly making sure it is intact with the tattoo paper and bubble-free.

Step 5: Now cut the sticker as close to the design as possible.

Step 6: To apply these tattoos, remove the plastic film from top

Step 7: Place it on your hand or wherever you would like to put it.

Step 8: Now damp tissue in water and apply on it for 30 seconds.

Step 9: Slide the paper off and TADAAAA!!!!

  Dec 17, 2020       by OBL Print       427 Views

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