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Digital Printing Press in Dubai Working with OBL Print

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Digital Printing Press in Dubai  Working with OBL Print

What is Digital Printing?

To comprehend how the various printing processes function, we must first define digital printing. Digital printing is a relatively new process in the printing world, involving complex computation that instructs the machine on how to produce the image on paper. This image will be analysed by the digital printer and printed directly onto the surface of your choice.

What is the Process of Digital Printing?

Digital printing differs from litho printing, which involves the use of wet ink and the transfer of the same image through printing plates. Digital printing, on the other hand, uses a complex set of numbers and formulas to assemble the images ready for printing. These images are captured as pixels, and the digitalized image is used to control ink, toner, and exposure deposition in order to reproduce the image you want to print.

Inkjet or toner-based printers are the most prevalent types of digital printers. The image is created by mapping out minuscule droplets of ink onto your chosen paper surface using an inkjet printer. This printer uses toner, a fine, plastic-based powder, to make dots that are smaller than those produced by inkjet printers and comes out dry.

The Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern method of printing that offers numerous advantages to the consumer.


Digital printing, as you'd expect from a faster and more efficient process, can be less expensive than traditional forms of print. With digital printing, you can print as much as you like, whereas litho printing has a minimum quantity. It's also easier to set up, making it perfect for a quick print job.


Personalized direct mail marketing works well with the digital printing process. This type of printing process allows for variable printing, allowing each piece of direct marketing – whether it's a flyer, leaflet, or brochure – to be unique. Personalization is unrivalled when it comes to digital printing, and it has become commonly accepted marketing practice to think of your clients as people in this day and age.

Enhanced Development

The desire for this type of printing process is continuously evolving, thanks to the rise in popularity of digital printing. It is worthwhile to adapt and improve digital printing because it is faster and more cost effective. Other benefits include the fact that digital printing takes fewer man hours, communication, and has a faster turnaround time – all of which are reasons to keep developing the process in the future.

Image Distortion is reduced

From a lower resolution image, the digital printing process produces higher-quality prints. Digital technology has also advanced considerably since the first printer of its kind, and the non-contact printing process allows for less image distortion. The print finish is usually sharp and precise, whereas litho printing produces a softer result.

Helps you save time

One of, if not the most important, advantages of digital printing is that it is much faster than traditional plate-based printing methods. With digital printing, all you have to do is upload a high-resolution file of your desired image, and the printer will take care of the rest. As a result, your direct mail marketing campaign will have a much shorter turnaround time.

Types of Digital Printing

Digital printing, screen printing, and laser printing are all words that many people are familiar with. But do we truly understand what they mean? We may use laser printers in the office or at home, but we must use a professional print firm for marketing materials such as leaflets, booklets, stationery, or flyers.

There are three primary types of professional printing processes:

·        Offset litho printing is a type of printing that uses offset plates.

·        Printing on a computer

·        Printing on a screen

So, what's the difference between the two? We'll take a look at all three in the sections below.

What is offset printing and how does it work?

The image (your artwork) is moved to metal plates and then to a rubber blanket in offset or "litho" printing. The image is then transferred to paper using inked blankets. Because the ink is moved from plate to blanket before being applied to the paper, the process is known as offset printing. Because of the time and money needed for set up, plates, and ink before anything is printed, offset isn't cost effective for small quantities and is typically reserved for very large volumes.

What is the method of digital printing?

Instead of conventional inks, digital presses use powdered toner, and with the digital printing process, your artwork goes directly from your pdf to print. Early digital presses couldn't compete with full-color printing for quality. However, massive technological advancements in the last few decades have resulted in digital print that is virtually indistinguishable from litho. Digital printing is ideal for smaller quantities (whether nine or 900) and when you need customized or personalized ads because there is no setup fee or minimum quantity.

What is the method of screen printing?

Screen printing, as we know it, has been used to print fabrics, wood, glass, and signage since the early twentieth century. The image is moved to a fine mesh, and blank areas are covered with a substrate. Pushing ink through the mesh openings onto the end material is how the printing process works.

What exactly is high-volume printing?

Large print runs of tens or even hundreds of thousands of copies are referred to as high volume. When you print these many copies, the cost per copy decreases. (It's worth noting that we've never heard of a printer that offers a refund for returned materials, so if you print 10,000 leaflets but only distribute 1000, you'll need a larger recycling bin.)

The simple way to get great print

Digital printing is our industry in Dubai, but we understand it isn't yours. That's why we created OBL Print, a professional printing service geared toward businesses. We understand how important time, deadlines, and budgets are to you.

At OBL Print, we go above and beyond to assist you and provide digital printing services in Dubai, including Training Materials, Books & Presentation Printing, Large Format Outdoor Printing, Flyers & Brochures Printing, Posters & Banners Printing, Large Format Scanning, AutoCAD Plotting, Variable Data Printing, All Size Photo Copying, All Kinds of Binding Services, Graphic Design Services.

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