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A Few Quick Tips about Print Technology

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A Few Quick Tips about Print Technology

When all systems are up and running, technology may be a thing of beauty, but when your equipment or software fails, delays are costly and inconvenient.

Production printing provides a plethora of efficiency and creativity alternatives, nearly to the point where it resembles an elaborate, difficult art. However, the fact is that Printing Press in Dubai should be simple, and it can be if you follow these simple guidelines.

You can't, however, fully eliminate print...

So, to assist you to enhance printing and keeping your workflow going, we've compiled a list of the most frequent printing difficulties and our quick-fix remedies.

Streamlining Your Workflows

When you first see a production printer—a large machine with all the bells and whistles capable of producing things your office printer couldn't dream of—tempting it to assume that this sort of printing would be complex and demanding.

Fortunately, that is not the case. Production printing is a strong, effective option that can aid in all aspects of your organisation, from marketing to communicate to staff morale, and the learning curve is so short that all you need are a few fast pointers.

1. Use the machine to your advantage

Many production printers are compatible with your other devices, allowing you to prepare files ahead of time and save time during transitions. Furthermore, there are several settings to choose from, so no matter what your aim is—attracting consumers, saving money, or training employees—your printer can assist you.

2. Seek out fresh possibilities

It's all about thinking outside the box when it comes to production print. Because your printer has colour consistency options, advanced technology, and features to promote efficiency and creativity, you have a new opportunity to develop your brand and create dialogues with your community.

3. Automate the process

Workflow automation may appear intimidating at first, but production printing has made it much easier. You can ensure that activities are performed in the same way every time, reducing human error—all while focusing on another assignment. It's a win-win situation!

Problems and Solutions in efficient Printing Workflow

1. The Never-Ending Paper Chase: Printing takes far too long

There is nothing more frustrating than making tremendous progress on a project only to encounter a brick block when it comes time to print. Slow print times can be caused by a high-resolution setting, a memory problem, and/or a driver selection.


High-resolution graphics include more data for your PC and printer to process, resulting in slower print times. If you don't need gallery quality, choose draught, standard, or regular mode for office documents. Switch back to high-quality for presentations or formal compositions. If you regularly handle huge files with intricate pictures, consider boosting RAM to keep your printer running smoothly.

Toggle between two-sided and simplex modes. Although you'll require more paper, one-sided printing takes far less time.

The driver can also influence the speed of the end product. Drivers for high-end lasers and even some inkjets include PostScript, PCL, and/or the manufacturer's host-based driver. PCL is preferable for speedier office printing, but PostScript is better for graphics-intensive applications and industries.

2. Paper jamming is a common cause of workflow snarls

So you've fixed the problem with sluggish printing, only to be confronted with the King of Printer Nightmares: a paper jam.


This should be simple enough to figure out using your User Guide or control panel instructions. In fact, some Xerox printers come with video guidance and illuminated interiors to make jam removal a breeze.

Begin by scrutinising the paper route and removing any jammed material, taking sure to remove any stuck paper straight — and, most importantly, without ripping it. If it's stuck between the rollers, follow the instructions for releasing the pressure.

If the jam was caused by misaligned paper, remove the tray and reseat it to ensure the paper is precisely positioned. Sometimes there is no misfed sheet at all, in which case you must remove the paper stack, check to see whether it's squared correctly, and put it back in the tray—all while taking a deep breath.

As a general guideline, ensure that the kind of paper being printed is supported by your printer. Remember to keep your paper somewhere dry to avoid moisture, which might make printing difficult.

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3. The 'A Picture Is worth a Thousand Words' Problem: Unappealing prints

Your printer is in fine working order, but your end result is a disaster. Even the best papers seem sloppy and unprofessional when they have smudges, poor picture quality, or fading typography.


For better laser printing quality, try these simple changes. If the problem persists, it's more than probable that it's a supply or hardware issue.

Do a thorough check of your print driver to ensure you're using the right paper or media.

Check that the paper in the tray matches the paper type specified in the printer driver.

The fuser in certain laser printers may be adjusted for paper type. Check to see if your printer's fuser may be adjusted manually, but keep in mind that fusers become quite hot, so take caution.

Examine the toner cartridges, imaging unit(s), and fuser for damage. Because these components differ by model and manufacturer, it is essential to consult the User Guide.

Smudge marks will ultimately fade away if you print enough blank sheets of paper.

4. You've Come to a Stop My printer is still not printing

Nothing occurring rates high on the list of printing problems, with the enormous paper jam.


Check first that you submitted the print job to the correct printer; you may be printing dozens of papers in the next department.

To set your primary printer as your default, go to Printers and Faxes in Windows®. Set your default printer by right-clicking on your printer icon.

Have you double-checked that the tray has enough — and the right sort of — paper? While you're about it, double-check that your printer is turned on and that all wires are securely connected.

The print driver must be installed on the computer from which you're printing, whether it's a USB or a network connection. Without having to go to the printer, print drivers with a two-way communication function can inform you what's causing your problem via desktop or driver notifications.

Finally, if your printer refuses to print or your print job appears to be stuck in the queue, restarting it is the simplest remedy. Start by shutting down and restarting your software programme. Reboot your PC if that doesn't work. Finally, wait a few minutes before turning on your printer.

5. Issue of Time to Pull the Plug: Old age and/or obsolete technology

We see this all the time — your printer has been really kind to you, and you've gotten rather attached to it...

It fits perfectly and has all of your desired adjustments. But you're starting to notice minor hitches here and there—a grating noise here, a collating issue there...


Accept that it may be time to let it go, keeping in mind the high cost of clinging to obsolete legacy technology, not just in terms of business lag but also the expense of a stifled IT department. Consider a new printer with a service contract when you're ready for a replacement.

Vital Tips to get Fast Printing

1. It takes time for the ink to dry

If you've ever printed on an office copier, you know that the paper is dry to the touch as soon as it leaves the machine. However, in commercial printing, the genuine printing ink is still used often. This implies that you should factor drying time into your project's schedule.

This isn't always a huge setback, but one afternoon of drying pushes all other aspects of a print production back. You don't want to use wet ink to cut, trim, or bind something. It's not going to end nicely.

It's also vital to keep in mind that some inks dry faster than others. In general, deeper colours take longer to develop than lighter hues.

2. Is this project suitable for digital?

If you need a quick turnaround on your next printing project, investigate whether digital printing is the best option. These days, digital printing is great. When time is critical, or when only a few things need to be printed, digital is nearly always the best option.

It looks fantastic, is of exceptional quality, and can be printed in a considerably shorter amount of time.

However, if you require a large quantity of a particular printing job (think thousands), or if refinement and feel are more critical than speed, classic offset presses and inks are the way to go. They are still ahead of us at this time.

3. The human issue

Fine, we adore printing and printing technology. We could go on and on about all the machines and materials we utilise. But there is a greater issue we need to address. The human issue.

What is the human problem, you may wonder? Simply said, it is anything that we humans forget, neglect, are unaware of, or simply screw up. The number one cause of printing delays is always humans, not inks, presses, or paper.

An undetected spelling error, missing content, or poor design can all derail the best-laid plans for quick printing. Human mistake is unparalleled in terms of slowing down the printing process.


When preparing for commercial printing, the most critical thing you can do is double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple verify the details.

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