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5 reasons why printing press books are better than e-books.

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5 reasons why printing press books are better than e-books.
I cannot lie; everything has gone digital now. I remember when music had to be promoted at a hub called Alaba market in Nigeria. 

Without getting a good bargain for an album, you may never smile at the bank as a music artist. These guys are the determinant of the success of any thriving music career in Lagos. 

That is, if piracy does not erode your good fortune already before you get a deal. 

Just as it was for the conventional printing press to help print books, which later transitioned to e-books for ease, the music digital streaming platform became the new sensation and gave room for traditional patterns to leave the room, perhaps halfway. 

In this post, I will share with you some reasons why printing press books are better considered than e-books. Please read carefully below. 

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Why are printing press books more considered than e-books? 
The printing press has been one of the lifesavers in the history of communication and the media. It has been one of the tentacles that the mass media has used in disseminating information in times past.

And just like the saying that the beautiful ones are yet to be born, there came the e-books, the digital art of reading but instead of in print on paper. 

With an exciting topic like this, please see below the reasons why printing press books are better considered than e-books in 2022. 

What are e-books? 
Simply said, the e-book is the choice of reading a body of information like a book, but this time via the digital channel. 

These channels could be on a website, or they could be a URL [Uniform Resource Locator], or a dedicated platform that has novels, regular books, and other materials included for reading. 

While some can be downloaded, others can be read live from any smart device. 

What are printing press books? 
These are books that are carefully made available through paper and ink from a stable called the printing press. 

They usually require a measure of skill in typography and choice of content. Books from the printing press usually have several leaves that give a bit of information to the readers. 

Why do readers choose printed books over e-books? 
This can be interpreted in several languages, and I bet it will still carry the same weight and meaning. Below are some of the reasons why printing presses are considered over e-books. 
  1. Chances are high that you are actively reading as you flip a page. 
  2. You can document the information on the leaves or choose to highlight information that rings a bell for you. 
  3. Scrolling could be boring. 
  4. Reading e-books on smart devices may cause screen emissions.
  5. Chances are higher that one gets distracted while using the digital platform. This could be with notifications popping up from other social media handles, advertisements, and the stress of scrolling through are just examples.
  6. With the digital platform, you can have a power outage, but books are just a hand away.
  7. One can easily track the number of pages read by using the digital platform.
  8. In the case of gifting, one can easily personalize and include a name or information in the book before gifting it out. 
While digitization has won in almost all life scenarios and its role in innovation, this topic has shown some paths where traditional procedures were carried out that got people soaked in more than you would have expected. 

The printing press has been a blessing to mankind from the choice of invention and how innovation was gradually able to watch itself transform. 

You may not have agreed before now about how others see print books, but I bet you have clarity now on how essential print books are compared to e-books. 

  Jul 12, 2022       by Oluwafemi Smith       258 Views

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