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Rolled Canvas Printing

Rolled Canvas Printing in Dubai

Make a Statement - Give any open wall in your home a tasteful touch of glamour with your customize canvas print.

Size ( You Can Customize) 

Price starts at 120dhs, framing will be additional cost depending on the size.  

You can use your Create your Own! as statement pieces to tie a room together.

Growing up as a child, if the word Canvas was ever mentioned or came to mind, it would be that of my shoes. The thought of it alone is so much joy and every day I had looked forward to an outing [well, when it was just presented to me] just for the opportunity of wearing the shoes.

Fast forward to modern times, and the word Canvas is brought up, your guess is good as mine that Art is what comes to mind instead of shoes.

Well, I am super excited to share more of the Canvas today, particularly the Rolled Canvas and its printing in Dubai.

The Canvas to start with is a strong plain-woven fabric that is used to make sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and shelters, as well as handbags, electronic device cases, and shoes. It is also used as a support for oil painting and other things that require sturdiness.

Painters have been using canvas to express their creativity for centuries, and it is still the preferred painting surface for beginners and masters alike, particularly for acrylic painting.

In this context, we would have a further review of the Canvas concerning art, its printing, and more importantly, the Rolled Canvas.

Canvas has a wide variety of sizes and can be used for anything from small printing/painting to large, sprawling pieces. Fabric, texture, and priming are all considerations to think about when selecting a canvas. Both of these factors influence the canvas's consistency and suitability for a specific form of printing.

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