When it comes to protecting the glasses of your windows and doors and ensuring privacy at your home or office in Dubai, frosted vinyl from OBL Print’s printing press has got you covered. It assists in securing your private space from burglars and strangers. Frosted glass sticker works as a great technique to adorn the interior of your home by adding stylish vinyl stickers that best goes with the home interiors.

For branding purposes, frosted glass can work wonders for your office furniture. When branding is performed according to the frosted film glass on your cabin drivers, frosted glass doors or frosted window film can act as an added benefit. It is the best option for generating impressive and splendid interiors. Looking for the best frosted glass printing services in UAE? Try OBL Print.

Frosted glass stickers offer a stunning look to opaque or frosted glass. Apart from ensuring security and privacy, there are other key benefits that you get from frosted stickers.

  • It can be cleaned with any regular cleaning product with ease.
  • It can withstand UV and sunlight rays for a prolonged time.

Frosted glass stickers are usually employed for enhancing the privacy of your living rooms, concealing view into private spaces by the application of glass or film surface. It does a complete makeover for your old office’s transparent glasses at a budget-friendly price as compared to curtains or blinds.

OBL’s frosted sticker printing is easy to use and provides an affordable and enticing alternative to your shutter or blinds. Once the glass partition is accomplished, it will give your office or home a luxurious look like never before. Furthermore, you can use these stickers for supermarkets, restaurant windows, beauty salons, hotels, villa glasses, and a lot more.

We are a dependable large format frosted sticker printing company. With our support you can accurately invigorate the impact of etched glass or vinyl graphics on any frosted glass windows or doors. You can even manage your meetings in a hassle-free manner. It will give an appealing look while ensuring privacy within that specific space. We are here for you to create an optimal design along with guaranteeing a flawless look to your space.