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Put simply, car branding involves applying graphics such as a car wrap to a business’s vehicle to relay a specific branding message, make the brand identifiable, and help the car stand out from other vehicles on crowded streets. Different types of automotive graphics can be used, such as stickers, car wraps, and magnetic car signs. If you’re considering vehicle branding and looking for a car graphics shop, your choice would depend on your vehicle, your business and marketing strategies, and, of course, your advertising goal.

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So, how can car branding help your business?

- Stand out from the crowd

As we’ve already mentioned, vehicle branding helps you make your vehicle more noticeable. 

- Increase brand awareness

Captivating car marketing stickers and other graphics help potential consumers take note of your brand and store your business name somewhere in their memory for later. 

- Widen your reach

With car branding, you can reach a much wider audience than with other advertising methods. While online ads are highly targeted, vehicle branding reaches anyone who passes by your car, which could be – anyone.

- Save money

Car branding is a relatively affordable option, which makes it perfect for small local businesses.

vehicle branding dubai

- Improve your local presence

For a locally based business, being the talk of the town is everything. Use the power of car branding to make your brand known to your local audience.

- Pay once, use it for years

This is a one-time investment. However, if done right, your car advertising design will stay there for years to come and continue to serve its purpose for a long time.

- Easy to start over

Do you offer limited-time promotions? Do you expect branding changes in the future? No worries. The graphics are relatively easy to remove and install again as needed.

- Flexible messaging

Vehicle branding allows you to relay any message you need to. Whether you’re launching a new promotion or just want your name and contact info out there, this is the way to go. 

- Don’t put pressure on potential customers

While with car branding everyone will see your ad, no one will feel that your ad is being forced on them, which is vital for maintaining a good relationship with your potential clients.

vehicle branding dubai

How to make the most out of Vehicle Branding in Dubai?

Much like with every other marketing strategy, there are both good and bad car sticker printing practices that can make or break your campaign. Here is a list of tried and tested car branding tips.

- Keep your vehicle in mind

Your vehicle is your canvas. Make sure your car sticker shop creates your graphics with your vehicle in mind. Keep in mind your vehicle's dimensions and make sure you’re staying compliant with any local regulations.

- Don’t go overboard

Your design needs to be powerful, but be careful not to go overboard. Vehicle branding should attract positive attention to your car, not make viewers avert their gaze because your car is so flashy and overcrowded it’s hurting their eyes.

- Make your message clear and readable

This title says it all. You’re using car branding to relay a message, so that message should be easy to read and understand by a wide audience.

- Be on-brand

Vehicle branding can do wonders for your brand if it is related to your brand. Use known brand colors and fonts and keep your message consistent with your brand’s voice.

- Invest in a powerful message

Your vehicle may be bigger than a computer screen, but the space is still limited. Send a message that is short and sweet and will land you sales.

- Don’t be afraid to be seen

While it’s important to keep it simple, the point is to make your vehicle noticeable and memorable. Choose graphics that attract attention but still match your brand.

- Use high-quality images

Avoid grainy photos and low-quality graphics. Car branding should help you show that your business is as sharp as it gets.

Car branding is not a new advertising method, but it still works wonders if used right. Before choosing a designer of car stickers or car wrapping in Dubai and UAE, take time to learn how car branding can help your business and what you need to keep in mind before you choose the perfect design.

vehicle branding dubai

Need expert help?

Get in touch with us at OBL Prints for vehicle branding in Dubai. As seasoned professionals in the printing sector, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We take care of the design, printing, and wrapping, ensuring a professional end result. 

At OBL Prints, quality, long-lasting results, and your satisfaction are our top priorities.