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Welcome to OBL PRINTING 

Branding and imaging is an integral part of the growth of every business. This is why we have committed ourselves to helping business all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Middle East Countries in growing and becoming distinct. By lending our promotional and artistic services to companies, we are improving their image and giving them a better outlook and ensuring that they stay apart from the crowd. Our services are designed to be able to fit the specific requirements of any company, regardless of its industry, the services they provide and the budget constraint they are facing. We are also helping the growth of businesses by making our services available at highly cost effective prices, leaving our clients with more money to spend on other aspects of their business operations. 






Reflective Stickers

Letter Heads



Sticker Printing

Foam Board Printing


Business Cards

Roll Ups

Floor Graphics

Duratrans Printing

Shopping Bags

Foam boards 

Poster Printing 

Wall Graphics

Flex Printing 


When printing and designing, we make use of two methods in ensuring the best quality work; heat transfer and screen printing. Using the screen printing method, we’ll make use of actually screens to process the designs. Basically, a screen is cut for the purpose of making a stencil for the design.  From there, we’ll spread some ink all over the screen and create a medium for it to pass underneath the areas where you’ll like it to be alone. Using the screen printing method, only one color can be used per screen. We’ll use multiple screens to produce the design depending on how many colors you’ll like to be used and present in the design

When working on each job, we take note of some of the peculiarities of the job as well as taking into consideration the circumstances surrounding the customer before taking any decisions. However, you can rest assured that whatever method we choose, we’ll do in your best interest and to make sure that you get printing services that you can be proud of.

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